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I Already Knew About My Love For BBQ, Now I've Learned That Interacting With BYSM Viewers Is Also Important To Me

I had been in somewhat of a rut lately when it comes to posting new videos. I bought a new camera and I was fired up to put it to use. Although the camera is a step up in quality, it's also a few steps up in complexity and I am admittedly, not a camera expert. I can utilize auto-focus with the best of them, but I'm trying to increase my overall knowledge so that I can take advantage of some of the manual settings. 

The first footage that I shot with my new camera turned out to be mostly too blurry to use so I decided to scrap the project. Meanwhile, I had been kicking around the idea of making a live stream video for awhile but I needed time to research my options to figure out what might work best with my equipment. 

By the time I felt comfortable enough to try it, more than a full month had gone by since my last video post. During today's stream, someone commented that they wondered if I had given up on my channel. Much to the contrary, I had very badly been wanting to post a new video. 

The technical hurdles that I was trying to overcome, coupled with demands from my day job, caring for my family and day light savings (is that what we're experiencing right now?) which cuts into the ability to cook during the day all contributed to my inability to both cook as frequently as I wanted, but also my ability to post a new video. 

This year I have learned that not being able to BBQ coupled with not being able to work on my channel in the way that I want actually dampens my spirit. Said another way, BBQing and interacting with the growing BYSM community makes me very happy. I already knew how much BBQ means to me. My passion for working on BYSM has become a new stark realization for me. My new challenge is to find ways to more efficiently post new videos. 

That's where the live stream comes into play. Going live allows me to make a new video without the strain of having to edit it later which is often the hardest part about making new videos. I wasn't sure if anyone would actually watch since I didn't promote it and given that my channel is not large. The nightmare scenario that I envisioned had me live streaming to an audience of one or zero and/or no one engaging me with any comments or questions. 

I decided to have faith and just go for it, much like when I decided to launch my channel on YouTube. I clicked the button to go live and much to my surprise, I had a viewer and my first comment within the first few minutes of starting the broadcast.  Not only did I avoid serious technical glitches, but there were enough comments & questions to keep my stream going for 1 hour. I owe a special debt of gratitude to Wayne D. and "2steps" for sticking with me throughout the stream and engaging. Without you guys and everyone else who watched or commented, the live stream would not have been a success. 

I can't say it enough...... THANK YOU to everyone out there for your support. It really means a lot to me. 

Video Streamed On 11/15/2020:


First Cook With Slow N Sear Deluxe on Weber Kettle | Beef Short Ribs

I’ve had my Weber MasterTouch kettle longer than all of the other grills/smokers that I currently own but I’ve been using it less and less with every new smoker that I’ve added to my backyard arsenal so I’ve been wanting to breathe new life into it.  The Slow N Sear has long been considered one of the best accessories available for Weber kettles so I finally took the leap and purchased one. 

The MasterTouch comes with a cooking grate that allows the center portion to be removed for other accessories like a griddle or wok. The Slow n Sear is designed to sit on either the far left or far right side of the kettle. This means that I would have to lift the entire grate up (with food on it), if I ever needed to add charcoal, wood chunks or water during a cook. This fact slipped my mind when I ordered my Slow n Sear so unfortunately I couldn’t use it until I bought another grate with a hinge that allows the side portion to be lifted or removed for the addition of fuel during the cook.

I settled on the Easy Spin Grill Grate which is also made by SnS Grills. After waiting a few weeks I finally had everything setup to use my Slow n Sear for the first time. 

For the first cook, I decided to smoke some beef short ribs. I followed the instructions and I started with a dozen lit coals. It took around 20 minutes for the lit briquettes to ash over, then I added a chimney full of unlit briquettes. I added two chunks each of pecan and cherry wood. Finally, I poured four cups of hot water into the reservoir and I setup my FireBoard to measure the temperature inside the kettle at the grate level. 

It didn’t take long to get the kettle hot enough to add the beef short ribs. From there, I only needed to make small adjustments to the top and bottom vents to keep the internal temperature between 225 and 275 degrees. 

The ribs cooked efficiently within 4 hours. I prefer not to cook with a probe inside the meat so I probably could have pulled the ribs after 3 hours and 45 minutes. 

Here is a link to the FireBoard session with my notes and a few photos from the cook.